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Katherine MacAlister from the Oxford Mail – June 19th 2014

“Some pubs are designed to tantalise you, to make you resent going to work on these glorious sunny days. They taunt you with their al fresco dining, like an advert for outdoor living, complete with riverside location, happy people chatting, laughing, their white teeth glinting in the sunlight, linen crumpling in the heat, shoulders reddening, offering you a glimpse into a world where time has no meaning and deadlines are non-existent.

The Punter is one of these, put on this earth to remind us that not everyone is tied to their desks and that some do escape, emerging blinking into the daylight, heading straight for the Osney pub to recuperate with a cold beer and some decent grub before being sent back to the front line.

The beauty of The Punter isn’t just aesthetic or lifestyle related, although it’s a damn fine excuse if you need one, because the food holds up its end of the bargain as well with a price tag to match…”